Genius Drums are steel tongue drums that are handmade by Jameson Hubbs in Los Angeles, California. 

Each instrument is designed to empower anyone to create beautiful music regardless of prior training or skill; the notes on the drum are arranged harmonically with intentional chord layouts to encourage the most intuitive experience possible. 

About the Artist

With 3 years of experience, Jameson has created hundreds of drums with the vision of inspiring people to become more creative in their everyday lives. His longterm goal is to establish a nonprofit that creates these instruments for the public good in schools, parks, and other music therapy purposes.

As an artist, he draws influence from the works of Gaudi, William Blake, Olafur Eliasson, and a plethora of murals and street art. Jameson paints every Genius Drum with multiple layers of geometric stencilwork in a process that takes up to a week per instrument. 
Jameson also creates ambient/sound healing music and designs large interactive art installations.