Rainbow Grid Design in F Major

Rainbow Grid Design in F Major

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This steel tongue drum is finished and ready to ship. It’s tuned to the uplifting and versatile scale of F Major/D Minor. Due to a slight cosmetic blemish on the cut of one of the tongues it’s offered at a discounted price- this flaw is purely aesthetic and doesn’t affect the sound in anyway. 


  • Lifetime exchanges - trade yours back for another as many times as you'd like for free!
  • User friendly design so anyone can play beautiful music regardless of skill
  • 10 notes arranged with intuitive chords and harmonics
  • Floats and resonates in the water 
  • 100% handmade from upcycled propane tanks in Los Angeles, California
  • Uniquely spray painted artwork
  • Free 3 day US shipping and discounted foreign shipping
  • 4 mallets included




Each drum has a hole in the top or bottom for optimal sound. Holes on top allow for the drum to float and resonate in the water - which I personally recommend for anyone who loves exploring the natural world. 

Available scales are ordered into three groups:

  • Sweet (major scales): uplifting, cheerful, and great for beginners
  • Savory (minor scales): introspective, colder, and ideal for those using music for meditation and emotional release
  • Spicy (world music scales): mystical, darker, and suited for more advanced musicians

Custom requests are welcome- please reach out if there's a color combination or scale you'd like that's not available and I'll make it happen