Black Rock City, lots of music, and current offerings


I’ve been playing with new stencils and *finally* discovered the best way to mic my instruments, so I’m really excited to share some of my current offerings!

First, here’s an hour of some ambient looping music recorded live with my Genius Drums and a few effects pedals. It sounds much better with headphones or real speakers. I made these specifically to help you focus, relax, and/or fall asleep. I’m still working on my album (said every musician ever), but if you’d like to be updated when I release more music, make sure my emails are landing into your primary email inbox (as opposed to the ‘promotions tab’) or follow me on instagram to stay connected.


For anyone going to that thing in the desert in the 2nd largest city in Nevada that only exists for 2 weeks of the year, I’m glad to announce that I’ll have a structure filled with instruments to play at the exact corner of 7:30 and C next to the Firehouse camp. Contributions of other instruments and art supplies really help make the space even more awesome :). If you’ll be out there, check the schedule posted inside for daily sound baths and workshops. I missed the window to get in the guidebook, so please tell your dusty friends about this if you feel called <3.

And last but not least, some of my favorite creations that are looking for homes! Click here to check ’em out. All proceeds from these instruments helps me make more tongue drums to bring out to Black Rock City. Here’s a few videos of them:

All Genius Drums feature a free exchange policy– you can always trade it back for another one whenever you want to explore a new musical scale! I also donate every 7th one made to the public good in some form. Want to help me do more of this? Sharing my music or my instruments with your friends is deeply appreciated :).

Shine on,


Owner & Designer – Genius Drums

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