The Genius Sound Sound Temple

Commissioned for the the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon, 2017

    The Genius Sound Temple is a space of sanctuary, interactive musical expression, and literal sound baths. With a 30’ x 30’ “fin print” in the water, it comfortably accommodates 70 people on board and 50 people in the water around it on partially-submerged hammocks and attached floaties. It’s accessible day and night via a 15 ft land bridge and is well lit throughout the night.

    This environment is focused on providing interactive magic for participants. There are hang drum-like instruments attached to the structure that float in the lake and sonically resonate throughout the water, as well as wind harps, ocarinas, chimes, and other instruments suspended in the structure. All the instruments are in tune with each other— creating a human-powered ambient soundscape— and they’re all designed for anyone to play great music regardless of skill.

   The structure features subwoofer flooring, a small waterproof sound system that projects throughout the surrounding water areas, and an elevated center stage for sound healers and ambient musicians to perform on. Our electrical system is fully waterproof and powered by a nearby generator (or spiderbox) on land. We’re currently developing an underwater sound system as well to enhance the literal sound bath element of this structure.