The Genius Sound Sound Temple

The Genius Sound Temple is a space of sanctuary, interactive musical expression, and literal sound baths. With a 60’ x 60’ “fin-print” (since it’s in the water), this environment will be able to hold space for 100s of people aboard and in the water to tap into their genius and connect with collective creativity.

There will be hang drum-like instruments floating in the lake that sonically resonate throughout the water, as well as instruments like wind harps/chimes/ocarinas/bells suspended throughout the structure. Everything will be in tune with each other— creating an ambient soundscape throughout the environment— and all of the instruments are designed for anyone to play great music in sync with everyone else regardless of musical experience.

This will also serve as a workshop space and is able to house ~90 people seated on board and ~60 people engaged in movement. It will also feature a tea lounge during the afternoon/evening and a popup healing sanctuary with bodyworkers/energy healers in the morning.

The Genius Sound Temple will be able to give sound healers a space to hold literal sound baths (as there will seats/hammocks in the water), with an elevated stage protected from the water and PA system that’s able to project throughout the submerged areas around the structure. At night, the space will also host some prayerformances.


The Altars of Genius: