There are a few factors to choose from in requesting your own custom-made Genius Drum. Please use this form to tell us what you want in your instrument. Custom requests take one-two weeks to complete and one week to ship, so thank you for being patient! All Genius Drums can be traded back for another one for free at any time so you never get bored (although buyer pays the shipping for the transfer).

  1. What musical scale do you want? We can make nearly any configuration of notes in a Genius Drum, but the scales listed here are our favorites because of their versatility, ease for new players, and rich overtones. There’s a lot of options and it can be difficult to choose! We recommend turning off any distractions and listening to the music recordings to get a feel for what scales resonate with you. You’re welcome to message us for advice about what scale would work well with the energy you want to create with your Genius Drum.

  2. What colors and aesthetic designs do you want in your instrument? View some samples of our paint layouts on our gallery page. Hover over the image to see the title of the design. No two drums are the same; we paint our instruments in an intuitive artistic process in a way that resonates with the musical scale of the instrument. Let us know what colors and designs you want from our portfolio.

  3. What structure do you want for the instrument? It can be one or two sided, and one sided Genius Drums can have the hole on the top or bottom of the instrument. Two sided are set in stone and won’t float. When the hole is on top, there is much more reverb (good for uplifting scales, bad for darker scales) and the drum can float, although it needs to be treated with much more care to avoid scratching the paint on the bottom. When the hole is on the bottom, it’s easier to travel with it (one can stuff clothes inside and it’s easier to carry) and there’s more room for sound to escape, which allows for more intricacy with darker scales and melodies.